Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Because She's .....

The family of Lauren Giddings wants to donate a park bench in Lauren's memory at Washington Park in downtown Macon.  You'd think there wouldn't be any problem with that, and in most normal cities you'd be right.

But not in Macon.

Link to story on WMAZ Channel 13.

Apparently James Timley (and other unnamed Macon City Clowncil Members) is concerned that this could lead to benches being donated to the City by families of murder victims at an unprecedented rate.  I don't know, maybe too many donated benches would be a bad thing for Macon.

(psst!  it's because she's white)

Timley said: "when we start naming benches, I don't care who pays for it, for people who have been murdered in the city, how far do we go back?"

What does it matter, James?

(it's because she's white)

The comments section has the usual support from Timley's core constituents, parroting his official party line:

(it's because she's white)

But one comment stood out.  Demeteria Vaughn said: "Of course black people are going to have a problem with this! But why get mad? Nobody thinks about doing this any other time the first thing we do is run to the little spot in the mall with pictures to put on t-shirts "R.I.P Lil Boo-Boo!"  Yes that's very true.  And when Lil Boo-Boo gets arrested for brutally raping and murdering an innocent white person, you do the same thing and then wear those shirts in the courtroom and try to intimidate the victim's family.

But at least Demeteria is honest. Of course black people are going to have a problem with this.  Because she's white!

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